6 Ways to Monetize Your Online Personal Training Business

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Do you want to start an online personal training business?
Already have an online personal training business that you are looking to grow?

Online personal training is a relatively new business model. This makes it challenging for the personal trainer, to find actionable resources that help you plan, build, market, and grow your business. To fill this need, the Ftness Mentors team created the Certified Online Personal Trainer (COPT) course. And right now we are offering $319 (40%) off combined with our already awesome 100% satisfaction guarantee.

With the above in mind I wanted to offer you the course free for 7 Days to show you how impactful our certification can be. 

Text: “Online Trainer” To: 31996.

I was looking to learn how to transition my in person training business online as the long hours were really starting to take a toll. The FM-COPT Certification taught me how to do that and so much more. I now have transitioned over half of my clients to the hybrid online training model and gained 5 additional clients. I now feel like I have my life back. Thank you Eddie and everyone at Fitness Mentors!
Gretchen L.
Fitness Mentors COPT
The COPT from Fitness Mentors is extremely thorough and helped me build my online training business through applicable examples. I am now expanding my reach to help more people than I thought possible. The course content was fun and engaging and forced me to put the right work in that is now leading to results. I’d recommend it to everyone looking to become an Online Personal Trainer!
Justin A.
Fitness Mentors CPT


This course is for you

The Future of Personal Training Has Arrived

Look no further than brands like Peloton, Mirror, and other live streaming, or video on demand online business models for insight into where the fitness industry is going. The online personal trainer is part of the evolution of the fitness industry.
The only question now is: Are you going to get left behind? Or are you going to give yourself a competitive advantage?
Sign up for the Fitness Mentors COPT now and enjoy this limited time offer:
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Learn the Best Strategies for Transitioning to a Full or Part Time Online Personal Trainer Now