Welcome to Fitness Mentors Speed Development for Athletes CEU Course. We are very excited to teach you the ins and outs of one of the most important attributes to success in the field of athletics.

Starting with understanding the anatomy and physiology of the important human structures related to speed and taking you through countless exercise instruction videos, this course will curb your craving for performance with over 4 hours of Video Lectures, a Course Manual/Study Guide and exercise demonstrations.

Some of the course objectives include:

  • Understand the physiological differences between a sprinter and an endurance athlete
  • Understanding different speed technique drills to use for beginning to advanced athletes
  • Learn how to create a speed training program to develop stride length or stride frequency
  • Understand the difference between acceleration and maximum velocity sprinting
  • Comprehend why stride length drills work and which ones to use for all levels
  • Learn why stride frequency drills work and which ones to use for all types of athletes
  • Understand why we incorporate strength training and plyometrics in a speed training program

We look forward to helping you take your training knowledge to the next level. Please contact us if you have any questions while you complete this course (424) 675-0476.