Introduction to Exercise Modalities

Be familiar with all the different types of modalities that are used as a Personal Trainer.

  • Machines
    • Less intimidating to a beginner client
    • Does not require a spotter
    • Extra support to special-needs clients
    • Different weight and intensity provided
  • Free Weights
    • Challenges core stabilization
    • Used by a variety of populations for different performance goals
    • Being able to perform multijoint movements
    • Improves postural stability
    • Proper exercise technique is required
  • Bands and Rubber Tubing
    • inexpensive alternative to training with resistance
    • multiple planes of motion
    • Variety of color, thickness and shape
    • Greater range of motion (ROM)
  • Medicine Balls
    • Come in different color and weight
    • Use to increase endurance, muscular strength, endurance, power
    • Dynamic Power Benefits
    • Use many different planes of motion, movement and intensity
  • Kettle Bell
    • Helps with coordination and balance
    • Core stability
    • Helps improve grip strength
    • Proper exercise technique is required
  • Body Weight Training
    • Uses own weight as a resistance
    • Proper exercise form is required
    • Does not require any equipment
    • Train in all planes of motion
  • TRX suspension training
    • Helps modify exercises for clients with special needs
    • Intensify muscle activation
    • Proper exercise technique is required

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