Build Your Marketing Muscle:

The Free Guide to Marketing For Personal Trainers

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Welcome to “Build Your Marketing Muscle: The FREE Guide to Marketing for Personal Trainers” taught by Madeline Johnson, New York Marketing & PR Pro with excerpts from Eddie Lester, Founder of Fitness Mentors. Madeline Johnson has been featured on NBC’s Today Show as a leading marketing expert, and has represented prestigious and well-known brands including Reebok, Johnny G’s Spinning, Kathy Smith, The Spas at Fairmont Raffles Hotels, and OurSkinny. Subscribe to her YouTube channel for more at MadelineMJohnson and follow along with her marketing blog

The goal of this course is to provide personal trainers the best tools and strategies to effectively market their services and gain clientele. This course, along with Business and Sales: The Guide to Success as a Personal Trainer (2.0 CEUs), will teach you everything you need to know to run and build a successful personal training business.

Course Lessons:

  • Lesson 1. Opening
  • Lesson 2. Branding
  • Lesson 3. Developing Your Brand Specialty, Branding Essentials and Sharing Your Vision
  • Lesson 4. Creating With Freelancers
  • Lesson 5. Marketing and Public Relations
  • Lesson 6. Growth Hacking
  • Lesson 7. How to Build Your Marketing Muscle in Phases
  • Lesson 8. Marketing Phase 2
  • Lesson 9. Marketing Phase 3 – Your Unique POV
  • Lesson 10. Marketing Phase 3 – Reputation
  • Lesson 11. Marketing Phase 3 – Social Media
  • Lesson 12. Marketing Phase 3 – Networking
  • Lesson 13. Media Pitching for Press Coverage
  • Lesson 14. Targeting the Media
  • Lesson 15. The Essentials of Google Analytics
  • Lesson 16. Creating and Curating your Social Media Content
  • Lesson 17. Closing Remarks
  • Lesson 18. Build Your Marketing Muscle Final Exam

To enroll in this course and earn your FREE 0.5 CEUs, please sign up and follow the instructions (sent via email) by inputting your email below:

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