Online Course for the ACE CPT Exam

Combining all of our best study materials, Fitness Mentors Online Course for the ACE CPT Exam guarantees your success on the ACE CPT Exam. This course includes all of the following study materials:
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This course includes all of the following study materials:

  • Power Point Slides for every chapter (Check them out here)
  • Power Point Lectures for every chapter (Listen here)
  • Audio Book Lectures going over every page of the textbook (6th and 5th Edition Available)(Listen here)
  • Study Guide/Assignments pointing out what is most important to passing the exam
  • Audio Explanation of the correct answers to the study guide/assignments explained in detail (Listen here)
  • A Quiz for every chapter to ensure you are retaining the right information (Try a quiz here)
  • Two 150 question Practice Final Exams to ensure exam readiness
  • A Final Exam review to help you focus your studies before the real test

Fitness Mentors Online Course for the ACE CPT Exam is the most effective way to learn the material to pass the ACE-CPT Exam. We are so confident in our course that we offer Fitness Mentors Pass Guarantee in which a free retest* will be provided if you were to fail. It will teach you everything you need to know to be a successful personal trainer so you can pass your test and begin making money as soon as possible. It takes you through all chapters of the ACE Personal Trainer Manual textbook integrating multiple lectures, quizzes, assignments and 2 realistic final exams to ensure you are ready to go on test day. Our online student account creates a face-to-face student-teacher feel and extends it into your home, making your study process even easier and more efficient.

Access all the tools you need in one place through any device including you Phone, Tablet or Computer.

  • The highest quality Practice Tests in the industry (try a test yourself) will show you where you stand in your quest for certification, and tell you where you need to improve.
  • Power Point Lectures and Audio Book Lectures for every chapter (watch a lesson) sit in your private student profile, so you can view and review lessons at your own pace wherever you are.
  • Also, someone at Fitness Mentors is available every day of the week to discuss any questions you may have.

And it all comes with your
Fitness Mentors Online Course
for the ACE-CPT Exam

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Online Course for the ACE CPT Exam



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Online Course for the ACE CPT

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Fitness Mentors Online Course for the ACE CPT provides you 7 different Study Materials for the ACE CPT along with a PASS GUARANTEE. You receive Power Points, Power Point Lectures, the Audio Lectures, Study Guide, Answers to the Study Guide, our Practice Tests including a Quiz per chapter and two 150 question final exams and a Final Exam Review. Click here to view a sample lesson.

I credit Fitness Mentors with not only ensuring that I passed my ACE CPT Exam, but ensuring that I went into the test very confident that I was prepared. I'm very pleased to report that I passed with a score of 750, out of a possible 800.

If you want to make sure you pass your CPT Exam, I highly recommend you use Fitness Mentors. I purchased the lectures and the practice tests. Just an amazing resource!
Lisa M.
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