Jessica Tenelle

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your help and an awesome program that really makes the NASM program much easier to understand. Just passed my test!!!! I’ll be sure to recommend your program to anyone I know that may need some extra help. -Jessica Tenelle

Jessica Tenelle
Kate Evitts2

Katie Evitts

I don’t know how I would have done it without FitnessMentors! I was so incredibly overwhelmed by the large amount of material covered in the course and I didn’t know where to begin with studying. I’m so thankful that I came across their page on Instagram just in time to start studying for the NASM exam. The study guide was thorough and very helpful by outlining and narrowing the specifics of what I needed to know in order to be prepared for the final exam. Thank you so much Fitness Mentors! -Katie Evitts (IG: @katefit_)

Brandon Vu

The Fitness Mentors study guide was exactly what I needed. With the NASM textbook filled with 20 chapters of grueling content, it was hard to really key in on what concepts would be the most important. The study guide is an amazing study tool because it summarizes the key concepts and includes everything that is on the actual exam. I found that there was nothing on the exam that wasn’t covered in the study guide! Great tool to have and is absolutely necessary for those serious about becoming a Certified Personal Trainer! – Brandon Vu

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Missy Amenduri

Missy Amenduri

I purchased Fitness Mentors study guide back in, November of 2014. I had to go through it little by little every night, often staying up until 1 or 2am because of my work and training schedule. The study guide was great because I actually had to think about each answer to each question, so I was able to teach myself,  and in a way I would understand the material better because of that. I’m very happy that I bought the study guide because so much of my test information showed up on it, and I know that without it, I would have been lost on what exactly to study. I was working as a PT before I became certified, and I know that the combination of my on the job training along with my study guide and very late nights and early mornings, is what got me through the test. And now I have my certification on the wall in our gym and it just feels amazing to accomplish something I’ve been working so hard for. Before the study guide, I studied on my own and failed my first attempt at the test. I definitely recommend Fitness Mentors Study Guide for your NASM CPT exam! -Missy Ameduri

Melissa Barnes

The study guide the Fitness Mentors provided me really got me through my NASM Certified Personal Trainer exam. The questions that they had were very similar to what was on the exam. Their Instagram account also helped tremendously as they would post practice questions to help you study whenever you are on the go. That alone showed me how much Fitness Mentors wants us to test very well and accomplish our dreams in becoming NASM Certified Personal Trainers! I now have a profession that I love and a title to my name to prove it! Thanks for everything Fitness Mentors! Marissa Barnes, CPT

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I feel like the practical knowledge and hands on education of the Fitness Mentors CPT class far exceeds any certification out there.
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Shawn T.
Fitness Mentors CPT
A great wealth of information can be found in this FM-CPT Certification. It is extremely thorough and applicable allowing for true understanding of the subject matter through hands-on examples. I’d recommend it to everyone looking to become an efficient PT!
Sara Fedele Fitness Mentors Testimonial
Sarah F.
Fitness Mentors CPT