Business and Sales: The Guide to Success as a Personal Trainer

Help More People by Building Your Business

Now that you have your personal training certification its time to get a full load of clients and start making the money you’ve been dreaming about.

The only problem is you know you are a great trainer, but find yourself struggling to get the clients you need. You have had a few potential client interviews with little success leading to low confidence, frustration and self doubt.


Tens of thousands of personal trainers change careers every year leading to one of the highest turn over rates in any industry. DON’T BE ONE OF THEM.

Would you like to know what strategies are best in finding leads and converting them in to paying clients?

Business and Sales: The Guide to Success as a Personal trainer takes you step by step through the process of turning your passion for fitness in to a successful, revenue generating full time career.

Over the last 12 years working in the health and fitness industry and over 7 years as a college professor, Eddie Lester, the founder and CEO of Fitness Mentors, has created and used the techniques presented in this course to assist thousands of personal trainers in building their businesses from the ground up.

Starting with the step of officially registering your business and then taking you through all the necessary tasks to get a multitude of clients, your blueprint for success is laid out via the Course Manual, 6 hours of lecturing and over 20 worksheets that will allow you to take action and build your business.

Not only is this course great for expanding your knowledge in business and sales, but it allows you to gain the much needed Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to re-certify your CPT certification. (NASM 1.9, NESTA 2.0, ISSA 2.0, AFAA 15, NCCPT 2.0, NSCA 1.5, ACE 2.0)

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The guide to success as a personal trainer

Business & Sales

business & sales



The proven techniques you
will learn include:

Lesson 1: Prepare

  • Learn how to expand your fitness business through education and the development of your fitness theory.

  • Discover how your personal brand determines what type of clientele you attract.

  • Learn how to optimize your own personal brand to attract new clientele.

  • Discover the steps of creating and registering your business through local, state and federal agencies.

  • Discover how to use social media to attract clientele and promote your fitness business.

Lesson 2: Give Away Free Information

  • Begin the steps to attracting clientele by understanding how to develop quality information.

  • Learn how to select your target market by discovering your personal attributes and interests.

  • Discover the information that will best attract the attention of your chosen target market.

  • Uncover the reasons why giving away free information is crucial to your training business.

  • Learn how to create Opt-In opportunities that drive your sales process.

Lesson 3: Offer a Free Service

  • Determine what the next steps are to increase your sales conversions after collecting contact information.

  • Discover what services would work best at grabbing the attention of your chosen target market.

  • Learn what the sales atmosphere is and how to create a lasting impression.

  • Learn how to build your atmosphere using email, phone and in-person contact.

Lesson 4: Engage the Prospect

  • Utilize ready to use sales scripts for phone, email and in-person interactions.

  • Learn how to use the hierarchy of engagement to drive the sales process.

  • Understand how your first impression will affect the future sale.
  • Learn how to optimize your first impression with your clients to increase your sales conversions.
  • Learn how to correctly follow up with your potential clients to increase sales and drive revenue generation.
  • Learn how to capitalize on the continuation of your sales outreach.

Lesson 5: Prove You Care

  • Learn how understanding the psychology of sales can increase your conversions of clients in a one on one sales situation.
  • Discover how your clients think and how you can create the sale by listening to key points in their communication.
  • Discover key points to be aware of to convert sales during a new client interview.
  • Learn why it matters the way you view what you are selling and how that can expand your sales revenue.
  • Understand why your customers buy training and how to sell to this reasoning.
  • Discover how to sell directly to the wants and needs of the client.
  • Learn new power questions to ask your potential clients that will make selling an easy and fun process. 

Lesson 6: Close

  • Learn how to set your prices to correctly reflect your self-worth and desirability.
  • Learn how to discuss your prices with your clients in a way to promote the sale.
  • Learn how to avoid what might deter your clients from purchasing training.
  • Learn how to combat barriers to the sale by creating positive solutions for your clientele.
  • Discover how sales stories can drive your conversion rate through the roof.
  • Learn how to properly close the sale using statements that fit your sales personality.
  • Realize your income goals by ensuring your clients get help with their goal using alternative income strategies.

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The guide to success as a personal trainer

Business & Sales

business & sales


Fitness Mentor's Business and Sales course is absolutely one of the best courses I have taken. It is full of very helpful information! Many other courses promise step-by-step details but they fail to deliver. Well, Fitness Mentors truly delivers!

Not only is everything very plainly laid out and explained, but there are links directly to some of the sources. This course takes you from setting up your business properly to closing a sale! I wish I had taken it when I first got started. I plan on using the techniques in marketing, closing, and pricing at this very moment!

I HIGHLY recommend this course to all Fitness Instructors - especially if you are just starting your career. Take this course immediately after certification! It will save you a lot of time and epic fails. My applause to Fitness Mentors!
Cindy M.
Business & Sales CEU