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Think you are ready to take your NASM-CPT? Practice tests are usually one of the last things students do to determine whether or not they are ready to take – and pass – the NASM-CPT exam. This free NASM practice test will provide you with insight into whether or not you are really ready to take the personal trainer certification exam and will also reveal if you need to spend more time on specific topics.

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The Fitness Mentors Online Course for the NASM CPT Exam was excellent. The course broke down and explained the key...

April 18


“I read the entire NASM CPT textbook front to back, watched all the videos, took all the quizzes, etc., but...

March 19


Great job from someone who knows the test- especially from someone who can tell you where to focus and where...

February 21


“I recently used the material from Fitness Mentors to supplement other study resources in order to pass my NASM personal...

February 19


I used FM resources to prepare for the NASM exam back in 2017, the audio lectures were extremely helpful; I...

February 17


I took my NASM exam last week and passed on the first try! I came from a completely different industry,...