Fitness Mentors Study Guide for the NASM CPT Test (Updated for the 7th Edition Textbook) highlights information that is crucial to passing the NASM-CPT Exam.

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View All NASM CPT Study Bundles

Fitness Mentors Online Course for the NASM CPT provides you 7 different Study Materials for the NASM CPT along with a PASS GUARANTEE. You receive Power Points, Power Point Lectures, the Audio Lectures, Study Guide, Answers to the Study Guide, our Practice Tests including a Quiz per chapter and three 120 question final exams and a Final Exam Review. Check out more information here or click here to view a sample lesson.
Enjoy the the confidence of a lifetime with three of our best resources including the Study Guide, Audio Lectures and Practice Tests. These three together make you feel like you are in a classroom environment with lectures, homework and quizzes to ensure you are retaining the correct information to pass your exam.
Prefer to put your knowledge to the test? Understand the topics with our study guide and practice your test taking ability with over 500+ Exam Questions broken up into a quiz for each chapter and three 120 question practice final exams.
If you want to double-up your confidence, our study guide in conjunction with our Chapter by Chapter Audio Lectures, will give you an extreme edge when walking into the exam room. Sit back and let the lecturer take you page by page through every chapter and explain each topic in an easy to understand way.
Our Study Guide only package to help you pass the NASM-CPT exam. (Check out a sample below)

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Our students have a 99% pass rate when using our study materials

"I just passed the NASM CPT. Fitness Mentors audio lectures and Study Guide were very pertinent to my success. It was like being in a classroom and totally enhanced and improved the learning experience! "
"Fitness Mentors is the best! I could not have passed the NASM Personal Trainer Certification without it. Listening to the content as read by an actual fitness professional was the best choice I could have made. Thanks for everything!"
John D.


The Free Study Guide is an overview of the entire book and covers all subjects. The Premium Study Guide focuses on the subjects that are most important to passing the NASM CPT Exam. When you focus on the right topics, your chance for passing improves dramatically.

After creating your username and password and submitting payment, you will be able to view and download the study guide immediately through our learning portal.

11 Pages. In order to cater to the most important test specific topics we weeded out all of the unnecessary information leaving you with a spot-on study process.


Yes! With over 3,000 and counting study guides sold, we have had less than 28 failed attempts. These were mainly due to not completing the guide in its entirety.


Testing Anxiety is very common and can definitely be tough, but if you go in knowing you studied the right information and are confident in what you studied, it can really lessen the impact.


Lead by the most successful NASM Professor with over 7 years teaching in the college system, this guide was created by analyzing the study input in comparison to the testing success, of over 3000 NASM CPT Test-takers. Critique is then given by each student to create an ever adapting product that nearly guarantees your success.

Yes. The Study Guide has been updated to reflect the changes of the new textbook and exam. The current version of the textbook is NASM EPFT 6th Edition. We also have and can send the study guide for the 5th Edition if needed.

"I just passed my NASM CPT exam and owe it all to Fitness Mentors. With so much information to cover and study, overwhelmed would be a major understatement to what I was experiencing at the beginning of my journey. Thanks to the audio lectures, practice quizzes and tests, I was able to focus on the most relevant information. I am beyond thankful to Eddie and the Fitness Mentors team in providing this service to aspiring fitness professional. I cannot recommend enough!"