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Here’s a glimpse into our meticulous selection process:

The journey to curate our product recommendations begins with our team of experienced journalists conducting thorough research and reporting. We delve into user reviews, scrutinize brands, fact-check claims, and test products. This is all done by our esteemed team of fitness professionals who are highly credentialed in fitness, nutrition, and health-related products.
But our commitment doesn’t end there. Whenever possible, we make it a point to extensively test products. Occasionally, we receive items free of charge, but rest assured, we never guarantee coverage or provide favorable reviews in exchange.
Recognizing that nothing remains static, we continually reassess the products we endorse. If a product or brand fails to meet our standards upon reevaluation, we promptly remove it from our site. And if we do feature something that didn’t pass our vetting process, we openly disclose the reasons, empowering you to make an informed decision.
At the heart of everything we do lies journalistic integrity, editorial independence, and a firm foundation built upon expertise, authority, and trust. Keep an eye out for content disclaimers and medical review labels on our articles.