Continuing Education for Personal Trainers

Online Continuing Education

Continuing education for personal trainers is relevant on so many levels. For starters, it is a requirement of every credible personal training certification body that the professionals that represent their organization stay up to date on their principles and guidelines.

Secondly, continuing education provides personal trainers a method in which to enhance their knowledge, improve their businesses, learn more about health, fitness and safety, and ultimately to enhance the lives of the clients that they serve.

Fitness Mentors is proud to announce the launch of online continuing education classes for personal trainers. These CEUs will allow you to:

  • Recertify your personal trainer certification
  • Improve your personal trainer educational background
  • Maintain a high level of professional qualification
  • Increase your ability to attract and help your clients

Recertification Requirements

Each personal trainer certification body has recertification requirements that must be met by any trainer who wants to maintain their certification. Here are some recertification requirements for six popular personal training certification companies that Fitness Mentors is approved to offer:

NASM: Two years, 20 hours of continuing education
(2.0 CEUs)

NESTA: Four years, 40 hours of continuing education (4.0 CEUs)

ISSA: Two years, 20 hours of continuing education (2.0 CEUs)

AFAA: Two years, 15 hours of continuing education

NCCPT: Two years, 20 hours of continuing education (2.0 CEUs)

ACE: Two years, 20 hours of continuing education (2.0 CEUs)

NSCA: Two years, 60 hours of continuing education (6.0 CEUs)

ACSM: Three years, 45 hours of continuing education

Recertification FAQs

1How often do I need to get CEUs to recertify my personal trainer certification?
The CEU and time requirement varies between each of the certification bodies. Most have a two-year timetable but others may have different requirements. NESTA, for example, has a four-year time requirement.
2How many Personal Trainer CEUs do I need to recertify?
This also depends on the certification body. Many, like NASM and ACE, require 20 hours or the equivalent of 2 CEUs in the recertification period.
3What providers can offer personal trainer-certified CEUs?
Only board-approved providers are able to provide personal trainers reputable continuing education materials. Fitness Mentors is one such provider.
4How much do recertification CEUs cost?
Each personal trainer certification body charges varying recertification rates. These are an additional cost to the actual continuing education courses that must be taken to maintain certification.


If you have any additional questions about Fitness Mentors' Continuing Education Courses for Personal Trainers contact us today. (424) 675-0476

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