For students who are audio learners, like to multitask and study while in the car, working out, or anywhere you have a speaker, we bring you one of our most popular ACE CPT study materials: ACE CPT Audiobook Lectures.


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The ACE CPT Plus Package is our most popular study package and includes the Audio Lectures, Practice Tests and Study Guide.

With so many topics that can make it on the test, trust us to guide you to the information that will lead to your success. Our students pass rate with this package is 99%!

The Fitness Mentors Plus Package for the ACE Certified Personal Trainer Test will take you through exactly what you need to know to pass and become a ACE Certified Personal Trainer.

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The ACE book is filled with nearly 800 pages of technical information. Reading every word and understanding every single concept can be daunting. Let us take some of the challenges of studying away with our Audiobook Lectures that will help you understand the most important information to become a successful trainer and ensure you pass your exam the first time.

Sit back, turn on our Audio Lectures, and highlight the sections we recommend. We have created Audio Lectures for every chapter of the ACE Personal Trainer Manual (6th and 5th Edition Available) that will help you become the most confident trainer and test taker possible.

Check out a Sample of Chapter 7 from the 5th EDITION TEXTBOOK.

Check out a Sample of Chapter 2 from the 6th EDITION TEXTBOOK. 

Our Study Guide for the ACE CPT Exam (5th and 6th Editions available) shows you the most important topics that make it onto the test from each chapter. Answer each question to ensure you study the material you need to know.

Check out a sample below:


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Our students have a 99% pass rate when using our study materials


  • Audio Lectures
  • Study Guide
  • Practice Tests
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  • Study Guide Answers
  • Final Exam Review
  • Pass Guarantee
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Fitness Mentors Online Course for the ACE CPT provides you 7 different Study Materials for the NASM CPT along with a PASS GUARANTEE. You receive Power Points, Power Point Lectures, the Audio Lectures, Study Guide, Answers to the Study Guide, our Practice Tests including a Quiz per chapter and three 120 question final exams and a Final Exam Review. Check out more information here or click here to view a sample lesson.


Enjoy the the confidence of a lifetime with three of our best resources including the Study Guide, Audio Lectures and Practice Tests. These three together make you feel like you are in a classroom environment with lectures, homework and quizzes to ensure you are retaining the correct information to pass your exam.


Audio Lectures and Practice Tests

Prefer to put your knowledge to the test? Get the page by page breakdown with our Audio Lectures and practice your test taking ability with over 500+ Exam Questions broken up into a quiz for each chapter and three 120 question practice final exams.


If you want to double-up your confidence, our study guide in conjunction with our Chapter by Chapter Audio Lectures, will give you an extreme edge when walking into the exam room. Sit back and let the lecturer take you page by page through every chapter and explain each topic in an easy to understand way.


Our Audio Lectures only package to help you pass the ACE-CPT exam. 


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Don't Take Our Word For It

Our students have a 99% pass rate when using our study materials

"I have recently become an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and have to thank Fitness Mentors Audio Lecture series for helping me pass the exam. I could listen to it any time (i.e driving) and Fitness Mentors did a great job of explaining everything!"
Karen Goodall
"I purchased the ACE CPT Audio Lectures Plus. It was very helpful to listen on the go as well as follow the guide as I read each chapter. I passed the exam today and attribute it to Fitness Mentor's support and my 8 months of extensive prep."


The Free Study Guide is an overview of the entire book (6th and 5th Edition Available) and covers all subjects. The Premium Study Guide focuses on the subjects that are most important to passing the ACE CPT Exam. When you focus on the right topics, your chance for passing improves dramatically.

After creating your username and password and submitting payment, you will be able to view and download the study guide immediately through our learning portal.

Yes! With over 3,000 and counting study guides sold, we have had less than 28 failed attempts. These were mainly due to not completing the guide in its entirety.


Testing Anxiety is very common and can definitely be tough, but if you go in knowing you studied the right information and are confident in what you studied, it can really lessen the impact.


Lead by the most successful ACE Professor with over 7 years teaching in the college system, this guide was created by analyzing the study input in comparison to the testing success, of over 3000 ACE CPT Test-takers. Critique is then given by each student to create an ever adapting product that nearly guarantees your success.

"I passed my ACE CPT exam and owe it all to Fitness Mentors. I just wanted to send you a note to say that after 5 months of ACE CPT hardcore studying, I passed on the first try today. Your Ace Pro Edition was awesome from the audio lectures, study guides, and practice exams. Also, great customer service over the phone. All of this played a huge role in my success."
John C.
ACE CPT Online Course Pro