Personal Trainer Mentorship

Get one-on-one personal training education or career insights from an accomplished and knowledgeable instructor for any stage of your career.

3 Personal Trainer Mentorship Opportunities for Aspiring or Current Trainers

  • CPT Exam Preparation Mentorship (FM, NASM or ACE CPT exams)
  • Fitness Business Mentorship
  • Online Trainer Mentorship

CPT Exam Prep Mentorship


This program is specifically geared to those wanting and needing a study mentor to guide you step-by-step no matter where you are in your NASM or ACE CPT exam study process. You will meet live, online in small groups (to ensure personal attention) with your experienced and passionate mentor each week to ensure you are never confused, never overwhelmed, are always staying on track, and are studying for success. Your mentor will focus on helping you truly understand all content in a fun, interactive, and engaging manner with case studies, scenarios, demonstrations, and live Q&A sessions.

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Fitness Business Mentorship


This program is for those personal trainers thinking “I’m certified… now what?!” Meet online in small groups with your mentor to discuss, learn, and apply proven methods from industry experience. The Fitness Business Mentorship Program focuses on fitness marketing, client acquisition, growth mindsets, proven business models, the first sessions with a new client, networking, insurance, exercise programming, recertification, client success, and more. This is the perfect program to help scale every aspect of your personal training business.

Online Trainer Mentorship


This mentorship program has been created specifically for trainers who want to learn the skills necessary to create, build, grow, and scale a successful online personal training or fitness business. Our small online group sessions will help you find your business niche, take your training business online, learn how to generate leads, convert and upsell clients, and grow your online business into a sustainable operation.

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Online Trainer Mentorship Testimonials

I've been a personal trainer for 10 years, and I've had great success using "face to face" training, meeting with up to 20 clients in one day.I had considered online training but in person training was still so lucrative that I didn't focus on it.

Then COVID-19 changed our lives, and greatly limited the amount of training I could do in person, and because of this I decided to give online training another shot. I say give it another shot because I had attempted to create an online training program in the past, only to come up with so many questions and doubts about how to get my personality and expertise to translate into an online training package that would be attractive to potential clients. When I was asked if I wanted to be in a mentorship group for online training, I hoped it would help me find a direction and traction when it came to my online offerings, and it absolutely has.

The mentorship group has helped me define and hone my niche, develop more of an online trainer presence, taught me how to make social media posts that people respond to, and how to attract new clients and close the sale with them. The mentorship group has given me (and continues to give me) new ideas every week, as well as help with marketing materials, legal documents, how to set up payment, and on and on.

The time and money I spend being a part of the mentorship group is totally worth it and I plan on continuing to be a part of it.
Steve Quandt
Online Personal Trainer
This online program has been extremely beneficial for me personally! It has pushed and encouraged me to start my online business, insight on how to gain clients, allowed me to connect with other trainers who are also trying to start a business, provided me with useful resources, provided me with creative ideas and the ability to learn from experienced fitness professionals.

I highly recommend this program to new and seasoned trainers who are looking to learn and grow their business! I feel you will definitely gain new knowledge, skills, and clients as I have gained all 3!
Sharece Blake
Online Personal Trainer
"Fitness Mentors has definitely made a difference in my growing fitness business. When I joined their Live Online Trainer Mentorship program I had only the idea of wanting to personally train people online. I had already taken their online training program but with all the information and NO action I was taking I knew that I needed the extra accountability.

Huge thanks to Eddie Lester and the Head Mentor Jessica Hout-Freeman for being on a weekly call with us. It is set up in a small group setting so the personalized attention I believe is the best part.

Note: There were definitely times where I got 1:1 time with the Head Mentor that was always super helpful. Currently, thanks to joining the Online Mentorship program, I have acquired 2 personal training clients, 8 30 - day fitness challengers and started running online group classes all from home. It has only been 2 months. Still so much to learn and practice, and this is only the beginning."
Robin Renee
Online Personal Trainer
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Meet Your Fitness Mentors


Eddie Lester

Founder, Fitness Mentors

Eddie is the Founder of Fitness with over 15 years experience in Fitness Education. Along with his experience and BS in Kinesiology he developed curriculum for and operated multiple Personal Training university level programs for NASM, ACE and now Fitness Mentors. As a former professional surfer, you’ll find Eddie with his wife and 3 young boys enjoying the beaches of Southern California.


Mark Aquino

Head Mentor for the CPT Exam Prep and Fitness Business Mentorships

Mark is a lifelong student with a growth mindset and continually researching, learning and networking to stay up to date in the ever changing fitness industry. He currently teaches Sports Conditioning and Exercise Science at a local high school, Biotechnology at a local college and NASM and ACE exam prep courses both online and in-person.

His background includes: Personal training certifications with NASM, ACE, Fitness Mentors, NETA, Fitour and the Brookbush Institute. He is a Remedial Exercise Consultant and a Human Movement Specialist. He is also a registered nutrition specialist through the American Association of Sports Dieticians and Nutritionists and has been part of the exam writing team for personal training organizations.

Connect with Mark:

Jessica Hout-Freeman

Head Mentor For Online Trainer Mentorship

As the Head Mentor for the Online Trainer Mentorship Jessica is Bay Area born and now living her wildest dreams as an online personal trainer on the island of Kaua’i, HI. Personal Trainer since 2012, Owner of Embody Functional Fitness. Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology from San Francisco State University. Passion for mentorship, coaching and building community.