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Easy To Follow Curriculum

Chapter 1

The Fitness Assessment

Learn the techniques and assessments that personal trainers use to create the foundation for developing an effective personalized fitness program for their clients.

Chapter 2

Anatomy, Physiology and the Study of Human Movement

Discover how the body is built and functions to understand the best exercises to achieve individual fitness goals.

Chapter 3

Exercise Physiology and the Energy Systems 

Review concepts that benefit the creation of a fitness program for goals relating to body fat loss, muscle endurance, muscle tone, muscle enlargement, power and strength.

Chapter 4

Program Design and the FORM Model

Truly understand every variable that leads to the development of an unlimited amount of training programs for all fitness goals.

Chapter 5

Flexibility, Mobility and Range of Motion 

Learn the necessary elements that make up a flexibility program and lead to the most efficient movement through optimal range of motion.

Chapter 6

Programming Considerations for Exercise Related Injuries 

Discover how to adjust a program to ensure safe exercise for persons with current or past injuries to encourage proper recovery.

Chapter 7

Fitness Programs for Special Populations

Utilize guidelines set by medical professionals to ensure the safety and effectiveness of a fitness program for persons with chronic diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease, Asthma, Osteoporosis, and Cancer. Also apply these guidelines towards assisting Pre and Postpartum females, Seniors, Youth and those recovering from a Stroke.

Chapter 8

Professionalism, Business, and Sales 

Understand every step on the way toward creating a successful personal training business through sales strategies, marketing, networking, lead generation and effective preparation.

Chapter 9

The Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems 

Gain the knowledge needed to understand how to create an effective cardiorespiratory fitness program to enhance health and increase athletic performance.

Chapter 10

Psychology: The Science of Behavior and Mind

Acquire the skills necessary to assist your clients in creating the habits that lead to optimal health and the achievement of their fitness goals through optimizing nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress management.

Chapter 11

Components of Nutrition 

Learn the many different components of nutrition as they relate to the health of the body and discover the ins-and-outs of what a proper nutrition program includes.

Chapter 12

Emergency Procedures for The Fitness Professional

Learn the guidelines that promote a safe exercise environment and discover the procedures that prepare the personal trainer for any emergency in the fitness environment.

Chapter 13

Introduction to Online Personal Training 

Discover the steps needed to take your personal training business online and assist people all over the world with the achievement of their health and fitness goals, while increasing your passive income.

How'll you'll learn it

For the best learning experience, complete each of the below study tools in sequential order, one chapter at a time:

Discover the topics that will be covered in the section and learn about their application to the personal trainers’ job responsibilities.

Download the entire digital textbook and read one chapter at a time while utilizing the Audio Lectures as a guide.

Follow along with the lecturer as you go through each page of the book to dive deep into the details and learn how to apply them to your future career.

Complete each assignment by answering the questions presented in complete sentenceand paragraph form. Use interactive games to assist with retention of the most crucial information needed to pass your certification exam.

Go through the assignments you have completed with the lecturer to ensure your answers are correct and you have received the necessary take-aways.

Put your learning to the test to ensure you can properly apply the information you’ve learned toward the context of the personal training field. Quizzes consist of multiple-choice questions to encourage proper understanding of the topics covered.

Watch all chapter videos to further dive into the topics at hand. Also learn techniques through live demonstration and interactive exercise instruction.

Improve your understanding of fitness concepts with our interactive flahscards.

After you have completed the above for every chapter you are ready to begin the exam certification exam preparation process:

Read through the document in this section multipletimes to highlight the key points that are crucial to success on the FM-CPT Certification Exam.

Take this practice exam multiple times with the intent to score above a 90% on each attempt.

Take this practice exam multiple times with the intent to score above a 90% on each attempt.

Review your notes taken throughout the course to prepare for the FM-CPT Certification Exam.

The FM-CPT Certification Exam is a 100% online exam consisting of 100 multiple choice questions. You will have a time limit of 2 hours to complete the exam and it can only be taken one time. Prepare a window of two hours in which you will have zero distractions and ensure you have a good internet connection before making your exam attempt.

The FM-CPT Credential lasts for 2 years from your date of certification and must be renewed before the two-year deadline. The requirements for renewal include the completion of 20 hours of continuing education (2.0 CEUs) and a current CPR/AED certification. CEUs can be chosen through the continuing education tab on our website or through our approved provider list.

Fitness Mentors Vs. Other Certifications

Fitness Mentors
NCCA accreditation option
Best industry value CPT
Highest pass rate
20 CEU requirement
Lifetime expert guidance included
Business coaching included
After-hours and weekend support
Virtual coaching education included

The Final Exam

If you pass the FM-CPT Exam you will be awarded the Fitness Mentors Certified Personal Trainer Credential and you can expect your certification to be emailed to you within 1-2 weeks following your exam attempt. If you fail the FM-CPT Exam you will need to purchase an exam retest. Instructions will be presented in your exam attempt email notification. Follow those instructions to purchase the retest and feel free to reach out with any further questions.

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