Special Populations Exercise Specialist Certification

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Special Populations Clients Need Your Help!

Did you know almost 20% of the clients that personal trainers work with fall into a special populations category, but only 1% of the personal trainers in the United States are properly qualified to work with these populations?

Most personal trainers don’t care about doing the research to ensure their clients are getting a medically approved and safe exercise program. This is a huge issue that is leaving people at risk for unsafe exercise programs, injury and even death.

Are you willing to better yourself for the purpose of helping others and increasing your reach toward the special populations clientele?

As the older population continues to grow, there is an extremely high demand for trainers that understand the process of what it takes to work with these conditions, through critical program modifications. It’s time to address this need by targeting this unattended-to niche, all the while building your business.

This program provides the credential to work with many types of clientele that struggle with finding a qualified Special Populations Exercise Specialist.

Its time to increase your value as a personal trainer and become a Special Populations Expert which will allow you to help hundreds of people and attract the clientele you need to build your fitness business.

This type of knowledge will lead to the best possible results for your clientele as it will create consistent goal achievement with an emphasis on safe and effective exercise.

Over the last 15 years working with special populations in the health and fitness industry and over 10 years as a college professor, Eddie Lester, the founder and CEO of Fitness Mentors, has created and used the techniques presented in this course to assist thousands of personal trainers in creating the types of programs that lead to the achievement of optimal health through safe special populations guidelines.

Not only is this course great for expanding your knowledge and enhancing your craft, but it allows you to gain the much needed Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to re-certify your CPT certification. (NASM 1.9, ACE 2.0, NESTA 2.0, ISSA 2.0, AFAA 15, NCCPT 2.0, NSCA 1.5)

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The proven techniques you will learn include:

Special Populations Assessments

  • Par-Q
  • Medical History Questionnaire
  • Personal History and Occupational Questionnarie
  • Objective Assessments – Physiological Assessments
  • Objective Assessments – Cardiorespiratory Assessment

Cardiovascular and Respiratory System Conditions

  • Heart and Blood Anatomy
  • Core Principles of the Cardiorespiratory System
  • Cardiac Physiology
  • Assessments and Pathologies

Fitness Programs for Special Populations

  • Seniors
  • Youth
  • Pregnancy
  • Hypertension
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cancer

Emergency Procedures for the Fitness Professional

  • Client Safety and Confidentiality
  • Chain of Survival and Common Injuries

This course is unlike all others as it truly walks you step by step toward success, by assisting you with the creation of the necessary documents and tools needed to create safe and effective programs for the nine most common special populations. We know you want to increase your knowledge to truly help people live a better life, so we are here to hold you to your commitment of creating a rewarding career as a Special Populations Exercise Specialist.

Thank you and we look forward to providing the best possible learning experience.

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