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9 out of 10 people that work out at home say they will continue their at-home fitness routines even after they’re completely comfortable returning to gyms and fitness facilities - and they need YOUR help to stay on track.

With the rising popularity of home gym equipment, virtual diet & fitness tools, and in-home workout plans, virtual personal training is in high demand. There is no better time to become a Certified Online Personal Trainer and fulfill your dreams of financial freedom while helping clients accomplish their fitness goals and live a healthier lifestyle.

We’ve bundled together our most popular online personal training and nutrition education tools into one ultimate package to help you hit the ground running. And we don’t stop at certification - we’ve even included meal & workout templates and a Facebook Marketing Course to help you obtain clients with ease!

With this special bundle, you’ll save nearly 60% OFF the price of the courses individually, and will have all of the tools you need for your success.

The Ultimate Virtual Bundle includes the following:

  • Certified Online Personal Trainer Certification Course - reg. $699
  • Virtual Group Fitness Instructor Certification Course- reg. $699
  • Virtual Nutrition Coach Certification - reg. $699
  • Virtual Health Coach Certification Course - reg. $699 (coming soon)
  • Workout Templates - reg. $499
  • Meal Templates - reg. $199
  • Facebook Marketing Course - reg. $199

Here is what each course in our bundle covers and includes:

Certified Online Personal Trainer
Certification Course:

  • Welcome to FM-COPT
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1: Prepare Your Business
    • Chapter 2: Take Your Business Online
    • Chapter 3: Lead Generation
    • Chapter 4: Sales of Online Personal Training
    • Chapter 5: Caring for Your Clients
  • Certified Online Personal Trainer – Certification Exam

Virtual Group Fitness Instructor
Certification Course:

  • Welcome to FM-VGFI
  • Introduction
    • Chapter 1: Role and Scope of Practice for the Virtual Group Fitness Instructor
    • Chapter 2: Components of the Virtual Group Fitness Class
    • Chapter 3: Anatomy, Physiology and the Study of Human Movement
    • Chapter 4: Virtual Group Fitness Class Format and Design
    • Chapter 5: Virtual Group Fitness Class Setup
    • Chapter 6: Safety Consideration for the VGFI
    • Chapter 7: Components of Nutrition
    • Chapter 8: Legal Guidelines for the VGFI
    • Chapter 9: Online Assessments for the VGFI
  • BONUS: Clients Welcome Package and Workout Templates
  • BONUS: Business Checkpoints
  • Virtual Group Fitness Instructor – Certification Exam


Virtual Nutrition Coach
Certification Course:

  • Introduction to Nutrition Coaching
    • Chapter 1: Scope of Practice
    • Chapter 2: The Digestive System
    • Chapter 3: Metabolism
    • Chapter 4: Carbohydrates
    • Chapter 5: Lipids
    • Chapter 6: Protein
    • Chapter 7: Micronutrients and Water
    • Chapter 8: Nutrition Assessment
    • Chapter 9: Nutrition Coaching
    • Chapter 10: Exercise and Sports Nutrition
  • Virtual Nutrition Coach – Certification Exam


Virtual Health Coach
Certification Course:

  • Introduction to Health Coaching
    • Chapter 1: Considerations for Lifestyle Change
    • Chapter 2: Stress Management
    • Chapter 3: Nutrition
    • Chapter 4: Behavioral Change Models
    • Chapter 5: The Health Coaching Assessment
    • Chapter 6: Considerations for Chronic Diseases
    • Chapter 7: Legal Guidelines for Health Coaches
  • Virtual Health Coach – Certification Exam


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"I am currently going through the online course for the Fitness Mentors' CPT exam and it is great stuff! The team at fitness mentors does a great job of laying out the material in an efficient and easier way to understand than other certifications do and it results in me absorbing the material better!"
"I've had nothing but the best interactions with Fitness Mentors; first, with supplemental materials for my NASM certification study, then with completing their own CPT certification. Thank you, Eddie and Team Fitness Mentors for the high quality of service you provide."