NASM FNS Study Guide

Study Guide and Audio Lectures for the NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist Exam

FNS Study Guide
This Fitness Mentors Study Guide and Audio Lectures for the NASM FNS highlight information that is crucial to passing the NASM-FNS Exam. With so many topics that can make it on the test, trust us to guide you to the information that will lead to your success. In our Study Guide we will give you an extremely specific topic that you can then research, and write down, creating the best tool to study from before test day. Our Audio Lectures help you in truly understanding the information by discussing all the important topics in a lecture setting. The Audio Lectures also teach you how to apply the information you are learning, in a safe and effective package for your clients. Both of these items will take you through exactly what you need to know to pass and become a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Need a further description? Call us and we will are always available to answer any questions. (424) 675-0476

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