NASM CPT Study Timeline

Study Timelines for the NASM CPT Exam

Fitness Mentors has developed an 8 and 4 Week Study Timeline for those of you that either want to dive in to complete the certification ASAP, or struggled and have limited time left. As college professors, we have had the opportunity to assist over 5000 students in their pursuit of the NASM CPT Certification. With some trial and error, we have been able to determine the best study materials that will lead to your success. Studying within these limited time buy xenical us frames are possible, but don’t fall behind or you might end up in super-cram-mode, in which you better be using our practice tests and study guide or you’re probably screwed. You can also call us anytime if you have a special scenario so we can point you in the right direction and tailor a specific study program that fits your needs (424) 675-0476.

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