Exam Chapter 1 – The Scientific Rationale for Integrated Training

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National Academy of Sports Medicine Code of Professional Conduct


Professionalism should be practiced during all client interactions. Use effective communication and ensure a safe environment. Maintain good hygiene and wear appropriate clothing. Always refer your clients to a doctor when unknown conditions arise.



Secure client documents and respect the confidentiality of your client conversations.


Legal and Ethical

Obey all laws associated with your training location. Keep truthful records and take responsibility for their accuracy.


Business Practice

Keep adequate liability insurance and practice truth in appropriate advertising. maintain accurate financial and client records to pay all due taxes for 4 years.  Don’t get sexually involved with your clients.


NASM does not recommend knowing any of the material from Chapter 1, but does ask about 3 questions from the chapter. Check out our Study Guide for the NASM CPT to see what you should focus on from this chapter.