Fitness Mentors Featured on

Fitness Mentors Featured on
“Boss” man Eddie Lester, Founder of Fitness Mentors

Recently, Fitness Mentors founder Eddie Lester was featured on thePTDC for a very informative article for personal trainers called 3 Monetization Strategies for How to Earn More Money as a Trainer.

The PTDC, or Personal Trainer Development Center, is one of the largest collaborative blogs for trainers on the internet and a great place to learn how to grow your personal training business. As such, it was pretty cool that they featured Eddie on their site (even though he is boss).

Check it out when you get a chance. Here are some of the “cliff notes” from the article.

  1. Utilize Amazon Affiliate Marketing Through Your Website

If you have a reputable personal training website and are driving a good amount of traffic you can set up an affiliate marketing account through Amazon and earn commissions on the sales of products people buy as a result of visiting your site and following your link to Amazon.

You will, of course, want to have a professionally designed website (hint, hint we do that now) and you’ll want to mention items that are relative to what your articles discuss. So, for example, if you are recommending a certain type of protein powder or juicer, link to it using your xenical diet pill weight loss Amazon affiliate account and enjoy the commissions if people take you up on your advice.

  1. Sell Group Fitness Packages to Local Businesses

Getting in front of business owners with a lot of employees is something that can be very good for business. In this strategy to make more money as a trainer, the idea is to approach your local Chamber of Commerce and ask them if you can present a workshop on how to do something like “Increase Corporate Profitability with Health and Fitness Programs.”

You’ll likely get a bunch of CEOs to show up and hear what you have to say and then get a bunch of new group fitness clients. Check out the full post for the play-by-play on this strategy.

  1. Train Trainers

The personal training industry is speculated to grow by 13 percent each year until 2022. This means that if you are a savvy trainer not only can you whip America into shape but you can also capitalize in the growing trend in people who will be training other people.

You can train trainers how to be more successful in their businesses, sell them products that they can sell their clients, or come up with cool website ideas that help trainers learn. Check out the full post for some other actionable ideas.

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