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CH 1 Scope of Practice and Role of Trainer

Check out our Audio Lectures, Practice Tests and Study Guide for the ACE CPT to see the specific topics that make it onto the ACE CPT Test from this chapter.

  1. Health benefits of exercise
    1. Reduced risk of many diseases for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults
    2. Minimum 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity to receive benefits
  2. Health professionals
    1. Credentialed to identify, prevent, and treat diseases and disorders
      1. Rehabilitation professionals, nutritional professionals, Physician/Nurse practitioner, Mental health professionals, Licensed Alternative healthcare professionals, and Trainers/Coaches/Instructors
  • Scope of practice
    1. Do’s and Do Not’s
      1. See table 1-2 and 1-3 of ACE CPT Manual
        1. Do not: diagnose, prescribe, prescribe diets or supplements, treat injury or disease, rehabilitate, or counsel
      2. Referral network
        1. Potential sources
          1. Mind/body instructors, smoking-cessation programs, aquatic programs, support groups, massage therapist
          2. Supplements and nutrition: www.dietaryguidelines.gov and www.ChooseMyPlate.gov
        2. Increasing your value
          1. Continuing education, advanced knowledge, specialization, degrees, additional fitness certifications, new areas of expertise within allied healthcare



Check out our Study Guide for the ACE CPT to see the specific topics that make it onto the ACE CPT Test from this chapter.