Matt McLeod

Matt McLeod is a Registered Dietitian based out of Austin, TX and has been coaching clients since 2015. He also earned his NGA Natural Bodybuilding pro card in 2016 and while he no longer competes, he combines his academia and anecdotal experience to teach his clients how to use fitness to enhance their lives, not consume their lives. You can learn more at or connect with him on Instagram, @mattmcleod6.

Registered Dietitian RD
BSc in Dietetics, University of Kentucky

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Education: Bachelors of Science Dietetics from University of Kentucky, BSc Dietetics

Accomplishments: Earned his NGA Natural Bodybuilding Pro Card in 2016

Certifications:  Licensed Registered Dietician RD, Fitness Mentors Certified Personal Trainer CPT

Personal Interests: Building relationships with loved ones, Cannabis, Lifting weights


Other sites Matt is featured on:

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