Pilates Teacher Training: 5 Best Certifications for 2023

With a projected 15% job growth rate over the next five years, Pilates instructors have an estimated average of $69,000 gross annual salary. Pilates certification is on the rise, to no surprise. 

If you’re passionate about mind and body wellness and hope to spread the message to those unfamiliar with the concept, check out the five best Pilates instructor certifications below. We’ll give you a rundown of the prerequisites, pricing and program lengths of each to help you determine which is right for you.

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Balanced Body Pilates Instructor Training

Combining traditional and contemporary Pilates practices, Balanced Body provides a comprehensive curriculum about how the body works and how Pilates can improve it. 

The courses offered cover a broad scope of Pilates methods to thoroughly understand the practice. However, the studies also help you gain a greater sense of mind and body connections too.   

Balanced Body’s Pilates teacher training program is set up in four modules: mat, reformer, mat and reformer, and comprehensive. You must meet the prerequisite requirements for the modules before attending.

  • Prerequisites
    • Mat Instructor Training: 10 Pilates Mat sessions, six months of work experience in related field (recommended), Anatomy (recommended).
    • Reformer Instructor Training: 20 Reformer sessions, one year of work experience in related field (recommended), Anatomy required.
    • Mat & Reformer Instructor Training: 20 Reformer sessions, one year of work experience in related field (recommended), Anatomy required.
    • Comprehensive Instructor Training: 20 Pilates studio sessions, one year of work experience in a related field (recommended), Anatomy required.
  • Price: Course prices range depending on the advanced level and additional materials required. Typically, the courses cost between $400 and $500, manually cost $50, and other videos cost $10. If you would like to bundle the course prices, you can contact Balanced Body directly for queries. 
  • Program Lengths
    • Mat Instructor Training: 134 hours.
    • Reformer Instructor Training: 214 hours (not including anatomy).
    • Mat & Reformer Instructor Training: 332 hours (not including anatomy).
    • Comprehensive Instructor Training: 520 hours (not including anatomy).

Upon completion, you will receive recognition on the Balanced Body website and Pilates instructor certification.

Basi Pilates Comprehensive Program

Split into two six-module programs; the Basi Pilates Comprehensive Program gives you the knowledge and physical ability to teach up to advanced-level Pilates students. You will get a thorough understanding of the anatomical and biomechanical principles behind Pilates practices alongside knowledge of advanced Pilates equipment. 

The initial Basi Pilates Comprehensive Program module is the Foundation Program, which provides you with the fundamentals of intermediate Pilates methods. Upon completion, you can move onto the Graduate Program for the full-rounded comprehensive Pilates certification.

  • Prerequisites: must complete both the Foundation and Graduate Program; a minimum of 100 observation hours, 200 self-practice hours, 200 student teaching hours; pass the final practical exam and final teaching evaluation, and receive a passing grade on the student term paper. 
  • Price: The cost of both programs combined is $4,198, including deposits and admission fees. You must pay an extra $250 for each program’s Comprehensive Program practical exam and teaching evaluation. If you purchase both programs simultaneously, you will receive a $200 discount off of the Graduate Program cost. 
  • Program Length: You have to complete all program requirements within three years to qualify for the final assessments.   

Power Pilates Comprehensive Pilates Certification

Covering everything you need to know about Pilates from a beginner to advanced level, including full coverage of Pilates apparatuses, the Power Pilates Comprehensive Certification program is extensive and well-rounded.

You may take the course altogether or split it into the three differing advancement levels depending on your schedule flexibility. Either way, Power Pilates gives you the tools you need to achieve your Pilates instructor certification.

  • Prerequisites: A minimum of 25 apparatus sessions (classically trained instructor preferred), Power Pilates Core Mat I and Core Mat II training completion, basic anatomy knowledge (explicitly about movement).
  • Price: The US program totals $4,995, including manuals, weekend training, apprentice meetings, and exams.
  • Program Length: six to 12 months (or 600 hours), including weekend intensives and apprenticeship requirements.

Core Pilates NYC Comprehensive Course

Core Pilates NYC focuses heavily on classical Pilates teachings over a 600-hour, immersive study. Here, you’ll engage in physical classes and learn from videos, manuals, quizzes, and interactive discussions with your instructors and classmates. 

You will begin with beginner-level methods and anatomy overviews and end up learning advanced skills, apparatus use, and apprentice as a Pilates professional. 

  • Prerequisites: Core Pilates requires 10 private, 10 semi-private, and 10 apparatus classes not included in the program tuition. However, you can opt to purchase the Career Starter Kit, which bundles the 30 courses together. 
  • Price: The entire program tuition costs $5,495, including an apprenticeship, Anatomy in Clay Fundamentals, Small Equipment & Special Cases courses, and access for life to the online learning platform. You can also buy the Career Starter Kit for an additional $1,536.
  • Program Length: The comprehensive program encompasses five weekends and a total six-month commitment for completion. 

Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification

Take part in Peak Pilates’ Comprehensive Certification Program for a professional Pilates education with coverage of mat, reformer, apparatus, and auxiliary equipment alongside an in-depth curriculum centered around Pilates as a mind and body integration system.

Peak Pilates splits the program into three levels with individual modules for each, growing in advancement as you progress. 

  • Prerequisites: For entry into Level 1, Peak Pilates recommends having a basic understanding of anatomy and kinesiology, 20 hours of Pilates training, and CPR/AED and first aid certifications. For course completion, you must complete all levels, all logged hours, and pass all assessments.
  • Price: The program totals $4,579 (included individual course materials).
  • Program Length: Totals 500 hours (including course contact and logged). 


Here’s the run-down of some basic information to get you started. 


What is the Best Pilates Certification?

There is no definitive answer because different courses offer varying teaching techniques, instructors, and course materials for other costs and durations. Ultimately, we can narrow down the choices to the top five mentioned above, but the determination of what you think is best for you and what you want to do with your training is up to you. 


How Do You Get Certified in Pilates?

You must participate in a certification program for the required training, education, experience, and assessments. Once completed, you must then take final comprehension assessments for training, teaching, and theory.


Can You Make a Living as a Pilates Instructor?

Yes. As a certified Pilates instructor, you can open your own Pilates studio, teach for a local gym, offer individual or group sessions on your time, and plenty of other Pilates teaching opportunities. On average, Pilates instructors make a gross annual salary of around $69,000. However, you can earn up to 27% more yearly for those that gain more professional certification.  


How Long Does it Take to Become Pilates Certified?

The duration to earn your Pilates certification depends on the program and the amount of time you’re willing to put into the program. If you don’t plan to become instructor certified, it might not take you as long. However, for a fully comprehensive Pilates certification, it takes, on average, 500 hours

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