17 of the Best Fitness YouTubers To Inspire Your PT Business

Have you ever wondered what attracts people to YouTube Fitness Channels? The most popular channels have one thing in common— they identify and build on what makes them unique. 

Let’s take a look at 17 of the best fitness YouTubers and what you can learn from them to amp up your personal training business.  

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POPSUGAR Fitness has 5.82 million subscribers and a variety of workout videos for viewers to choose from, ranging from dance to boxing. 

POPSUGAR’s diverse workouts meet viewers exactly where they are in their fitness journey. This is one of the most beneficial skills a personal trainer can have.

POPSUGAR also establishes itself as an expert by recruiting highly experienced and even celebrity fitness instructors. Letting your clients know why you’re qualified immediately sets you apart. 

Joe Wicks – The Body Coach TV 

Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel has 2.77 million subscribers and a Guinness World Record. Wicks broke the record for most viewers for a fitness workout YouTube live stream when over 900,000 people tuned in for “PE With Joe.” 

So, what’s made the fitness enthusiast so popular? Like most personal trainers, Wicks has a genuine passion for improving people’s health. However, he proves his passion creatively. 

He utilizes a lot of challenges to make his viewers compete with themselves to better their health, and specializes in workouts for kids to get them up and moving.

Cassey Ho – Blogilates 

Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor with 5.62 million YouTube subscribers. The Blogilates channel teaches pilates and other sculpting workouts. 

Ho sets herself apart by emphasizing how valuable finding joy in fitness is. Many of her videos are wise words of encouragement backed by her experience. 


ScottHermanFitness has 2.55 million YouTube subscribers and a focus on maximizing workouts and progress. Herman’s channel has follow-along workouts, fitness tips, and advice. 

Herman was a fitness lover long before becoming an instructor. He benefits his followers by sharing what he’s learned along his journey. He touts his avoidance of drama and clickbait, offering videos that maximize his viewers’ workouts and helps them to succeed.

Adriene Mishler – Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene has an impressive 10.3 million subscribers. Mishler’s free yoga videos attract a diverse community of all fitness levels, ages, body types, and whatever else makes her viewers unique! 

Whether the goal is to relax, sculpt, or energize, there is a yoga video for it. If there’s one thing you take from Milshner’s page, let it be this—Find a way to adapt your knowledge and expertise to meet the varying needs of your client(s). 

Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif’s fitness channel has 7.88 million subscribers and varying levels of workout videos, including beginner, 30 minutes, 45 minutes slow, and 45 minutes hard. 

Originally an influencer, Reif became a fitness role model by sharing her love for fitness on social media. Reif proves most people prefer a trainer that genuinely cares about their health. 

Establish yourself as a trustworthy coach by expressing your passion and showing that you care about your clients. 

Caleb Marshall – The Fitness Marshall  

The Fitness Marshall is a dance exercise channel with 3.31 million followers. Notorious for choreographing routines to current hits, the channel has low impact, heart health, sweat session, and other workouts to choose from. 

Marshall’s humorous personality combined with challenging but fun workouts is what entices viewers. 

Before you take on the role of a personal trainer, remember one of the major reasons people quit exercising is because it’s not fun. Find a way to make your clients enjoy exercise and become a rarity. 

Maddie Lymburner – MadFit

The MadFit channel posts a variety of real-time workouts. Formerly a competitive dancer—Lymburner crafts enjoyable dance and song workouts. 

The channel also includes beginner, no-weight, dumbbell only, apartment-friendly, and muscle-specific workouts. 

Lymburner’s methodical use of her skills has attracted 6.34 million subscribers in just three years. 

XHIT Daily

XHIT Daily shares high-energy workouts, including weight loss, strengthening, yoga, pilates, and more. Some of their videos even include a healthy recipe to try out. 

However, XHIT’s 3.27 million followers appreciate their informative training sessions most. When it comes to fitness, knowledge equals results. 

Commit yourself to continual learning and share your expertise with clients to stand out.

Kayla Istines

During her 13+ years of personal training, Kayla Istines realized many fitness programs lack a clear explanation of how to transform your body. Therefore, she aims to do just that. 

Her fitness channel is primarily for women interested in gaining confidence. The channel includes high-intensity, low-impact, strength-building, and even post-pregnancy workouts. 

Istines takes the time to learn exactly what her 398,000 followers need for success and hits on those pain points of her viewers. 

Chloe Ting 

Chloe Ting is a certified personal trainer with 22 million YouTube subscribers. Her channel includes free workout videos, recipes, health tips, and structured routines. 

Ting’s popularity exploded in 2020 when her followers started posting results from her two-week shred challenge on social media. Ting’s rapid increase in subscribers granted her a YouTube Streamy award for Health and Wellness. 

Take it from Chloe—Results are the best marketing tactic.


Fitness Blender

Danielle and Kellie, a husband-wife duo, run Fitness Blender. Their goal is to improve people’s quality of life through unbiased workouts, nutrition, and health advice. 

Daniel and Kellie prioritize trustworthy instruction and “people before profit.” With 6.61 million subscribers, there’s something to be said about their transparency and commitment to their followers. 

Natacha Océane

The Natasha Océane channel has 1.36 million subscribers. Océane’s Master’s in biophysics provides her channel with a unique edge. Not only is it filled with research-based workouts, but it also contains a “Science Explained” series. 

The series clarifies how science and exercise are directly related. Océane also shoots a “Fitness Experiments” series where she analyzes how sleep reduction, calorie adjustments, and more affect her body. 

Océane establishes herself as a trustworthy leader by implementing her training and education into every aspect of her business. 

Bradley Martyn 

The Bradley Martyn fitness channel has 2.96 million subscribers and posts three times a week. Content ranges from beginner and advanced routines to quick tips and motivational videos. 

Martyn’s primary focus is strength training, but he adds material relevant to current trends to keep his business anew. For instance, he often uploads videos of his training with celebrities. 

While we don’t expect you to recruit celebrities, keep clients by finding a unique way to keep them interested in their health. 

Joanna Soh 

Joanna Soh’s channel has 2.6 million followers. As a certified personal trainer, women’s fitness specialist, and nutrition coach, Soh leads women in a healthy but balanced lifestyle. 

Soh utilizes her extensive training by creating informative workout, mindset, nutrition, and recipe videos. A skilled personal trainer recognizes how difficult dieting is. Therefore, many of Soh’s subscribers commend her for her transparent nutrition advice. 

Jeff Cavaliere – ATHLEAN-X

ATHLEAN-X has 12.1 million subscribers and includes exercise, technique, nutrition, and other informative videos. 

Cavalier is the New York Met’s former physical therapist and assistant strength coach. He is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Aside from his vast experience, Cavalier gains followers’ trust by teaching science-based health and focusing on training like an athlete.

Matt Morsia – MattDoesFitness 

A former gym teacher with a degree in sports therapy—Morsia now has 2.09 million subscribers. MattDoesFitness doesn’t upload follow-along workouts but offers invaluable fitness advice. 

Morsia continually discredits unrealistic fitness fads while promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. He also openly shares the struggles he’s faced throughout his journey and, as a result, encourages others.


The best fitness YouTubers have built up their careers by making viral videos. And the reason for this is that they how to make exercise fun, understand what their followers need for success, and utilize their unique skills to achieve both. A great personal trainer will do the same. 

Need more insight on how to run your personal training business? Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to grow, check out Fitness Mentors’ structured Business And Sales Course to help you succeed.

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