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ISSA vs NASM: Which Personal Training Certification is For You?

issa vs. nasm
Eddie Lester

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ISSA vs. NASM: Which Personal Training Certification is For You?

The cover of the NASM CPT Personal Trainer and ISSA Personal Trainer textbook

A career in personal training can be a rewarding one! The CPT you choose could ultimately define your career path. 

We will quickly help you determine which certification is fit for you. 

Here, we will go over the details and background of both the ISSA and NASM and the differences you’ll find. Once you’ve finished reading, you will better understand what to expect with each certification. If you are looking for an analysis on all the best personal training certifications click the link.

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Why I am qualified to analyze both certifications?

The Best Personal Trainer Certification Programs

Hi, I’m Eddie Lester, the founder and CEO of Fitness Mentors. I’ve been a personal trainer for nearly two decades and have eight personal training certifications including the ISSA CPT and NASM CPT certifications. In addition, I teach the NASM and ISSA at a local college making me highly familiar with the educational materials and learning styles of both CPT bodies, respectively.

Myself and the team at Fitness Mentors were the first company to cover this topic in-depth and one of the few that actually have experience with both certifications mentioned. I hope this helps you make the best decision for your career!