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NASM CPT Review: Costs, Exam, Salary, How to Become a CPT & More

NASM Certification and NASM Personal Training Review
Eddie Lester

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Matt McLeod

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The cover of the NASM CPT Personal Trainer Textbook

As an aspiring personal trainer, there is a good chance you’ve considered a NASM certification to add to your list of professional accolades. There’s good reason too, NASM is considered to be a global leader in credentialing fitness professionals, and their wealth of certifications will prepare you for a promising career in personal training or one of their other areas of specializations.

Below is a NASM certification review from an actual certified NASM CPT (me), and an overview of the NASM company, the NASM CPT and other certifications, some notes on the ever popular NASM OPT model, and lots of other important information on costs, reviews, salaries, and your next steps should you choose to pursue a career with NASM.

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